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How to ignore basics in a homicide #Badaracco

Cool Justice:
In which the most important questions about a homicide are ignored or deflected

By Andy Thibault

“Art, what brings you to New Britain?” the lunch date asked.

This was no ordinary lunch, or so it would seem.

This was a gathering of state judges at The Great Taste Chinese restaurant in New Britain sometime in October 2010. The object of the inquiry, Judge Arthur Hadden, was presiding over a secret grand jury investigation into the killing of a battered woman, Mary Badaracco of Sherman, in 1984.

The person inquiring was then-Judge Robert Brunetti, a former lawyer for the prime suspect in the Mary Badaracco slaying -- her ex-husband -- Dominic Badaracco.

Another judge said of Hadden: “He’s sitting on a grand jury ...

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  • Monday, August 15, 2016

    Prosecutors Won’t Pursue #Badaracco #Homicide Because Too Many Powerful People Would Fall

    With link
    To an actual
    Grand jury report;


    FLASHBACK: "Rocky Ten Names," Joey "I Beat Two Grand Juries"
    & Dominic Badaracco;

    Rocky - Brunes Wiretap Transcript

    Cool Justice:

    Pretend investigations the norm in Badaracco homicide for 32 years

    By Andy Thibault

    State police bosses proclaimed this month that the Mary Badaracco homicide case is active.

    Don’t believe it for a second. No one is actively pursuing the case.

    Why? Too many powerful people would fall.

    For starters, there are the judges from the New Britain judicial district who witnessed and participated in the 2010 leak of grand jury information to a long-time golfing pal and business associate of murder suspect Dominic Badaracco, the victim’s ex-spouse. The person who sought, received and passed on that information – Robert Bruentti – was also a judge at the time. Brunetti has since retired with a full pension.

    None of the judges were prosecuted.

    Hartford Courant columnist Rick Green asked at the time why Brunetti waited weeks before he contacted the state police and the state’s attorney about the calls he was getting for grand jury information ...

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  • Phony grand jury
    In Badaracco homicide
    Never issued a public report

  • This is what a grand jury report looks like

  • ... The Badaracco case was so messed up it had to have had help going south. Police initially were indifferent about the victim’s shattered car windshield, only to search for the vehicle unsuccessfully many years later ...

    Four Winds Farm truck at Danbury Public Works

  • Flashback: "Rocky Ten Names," Joey "I Beat Two Grand Juries" & Dominic Badaracco
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    The First Choir Practice, A Prequel

    Unidentified Choir Practice Brothers on Assignment for The Rose City Bugle, circa 1975

    - photo by Tall Hound Cracker, Rose City Bugle

    Zoners: Keep Out The Trailer Parks

    By Andy Thibault

    Editor’s Note: Some of Thibault’s imaginary friends and events recalled at The River City Bugle are real. We are not sure which ones are which. When we last left The Choir Practice Diaries, our front-page editor The Snake had broken up a fight between two eager suitors of a page designer with a diversion employing unique massage maneuvers and oils.

  • Heroic Snake Flashback

  • The original statement by the zoning official quoted in this column was a racial epithet. Sometimes at The Bugle it was easier than it is today to report what people actually said and did.

    RIVER CITY – The dude, 6-1, 180, reddish brown hair, freckles and a well-rounded beak, pounded his way through the glass door. Luckily or not, the knob was turned and the door didn’t break.

    He wore a gray trench coat and it flapped in the wind off a polluted river treated with chemicals that smelled like gas.

    It was a spring night in 1970s suburbia and I was stuck in this breadbox of an outlying office of the River City Bugle, filling in for the regular guy on vacation. This was back in the days when medium size daily newspapers had regional offices serving many communities with staff dedicated to their information needs.

    “How’s the Scanatron working? I’ve got something hot,” the dude said. His name was Harry. He had just run from a zoning meeting at the Town Hall. Who wouldn’t run from a zoning meeting? That’s like taking the gaspipe ...

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  • First Three Installments, Choir Practice Diaries




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  • Friday, August 05, 2016

    #SkakelTrial Status in #GreenwichMoxleyMurder Re-Examined

    New, Leonard Levitt op-ed:

  • Journalist counters Kennedy’s claim Skakel was ‘Framed’

  • #CoolJustice Returns to the Pages of #DigitalFirstMedia in #CT

    The Cool Justice column ran in the group's papers -- including The Litchfield County Times, New Haven Register, Torrington Register Citizen, Middletown Press and West Hartford News -- from 2012-2014, earning honors including the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information’s Stephen A. Collins Award for “many contributions to the cause of open and accountable government and a free and vigorous press in Connecticut."

    #CT Courts’ #CirqueduSoleil Performance for #SkakelTrial in #Moxley Murder

    RFK Jr. attacks prosecutors, cops, courts
    For willful misconduct
    As he asserts cousin Michael Skakel’s innocence
    In Martha Moxley murder

    By Andy Thibault

    Michael Skakel most likely never said, “I’m going to get away with murder – I’m a Kennedy,” while held at the infamous Elan School in Maine.

    Skakel’s cousin – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – demonstrates this finding beyond any reasonable doubt in his new book, “Framed, Why Michael Skakel Spent Over A Decade In Prison For A Murder He Didn’t Commit.”

    Debunking the false quote is crucial to an understanding of various investigations into the murder of 15-year-old Martha Moxley on Halloween Eve 1975 in Greenwich, Connecticut.

    Moxley was bludgeoned with a Skakel family golf club and found lying face down with her pants and underwear at her ankles in the seaside Belle Haven neighborhood. She was stabbed in the neck with the golf club shaft. There was no physical evidence linking Skakel to the case. Initially, he was not a suspect. Over the years, he was just one of many.

    Skakel and Moxley socialized with a large group of energetic teenagers who had easy access to alcohol. Her diary reports many would-be suitors and dances and parties in some detail.

    The hyped Kennedy angle fueled media coverage and books which pressured law enforcement and courts to do something, anything, to close the case.

    Skakel was also 15 years old at the time...

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