Saturday, February 18, 2017

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We talked to the crew of the show "Hunted" a few weeks ago, now we're chatting with Jacquie Bainer, one of the "hunters" on the show!

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  • "On 'Hunted,' people are working in real time the way law enforcement does. I'm used to tracking people down and people hiding from me who don't want to talk about the case I'm investigating, but doing this in real time was just thrilling for me."

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  • Tuesday, January 17, 2017

    Edna Buchanan, Henry Lee in new documentary about wood chipper case and the movie Fargo #theSHOCKINGTRUTH series


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  • Via Toronto Sun --
    The Shocking Truth Debut

    From serial killers to the paranormal, this explores some real-life events that inspired Hollywood thrillers. It kicks off with back-to-back episodes, featuring The Silence of the Lambs (including an interview with Anthony Hopkins) and The Amityville Horror (including an interview with Ryan Reynolds). Hold me tight.
    When: Monday, Feb. 6 on E!

  • E! Debuts New Original Series THE SHOCKING TRUTH, February 6

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  • Series explores true stories that inspired popular movies

    Shocking Truth
    [Fargo - Crafts / wood chipper case]

    Post via Internet Movie Database:

  • Danish flight attendant Helle Crafts goes [mysteriously] missing

  • Rescheduled to air March 20 in Canada / still being edited ...
    Series set for REELZ in U.S.; air dates to be announced

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  • Thursday, December 29, 2016

    [updated*] Suggested winter reading, 2017: THE BLACK BACK-UPS and other poems, by Kate Rushin


  • Kate joins Colin’s WNPR Nose panel for discussion of "Manchester By The Sea"

  • * Ongoing updates to include
    upcoming appearances

    Plz see links below for poems, articles

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  • Photos by BOB THIESFIELD

    In photo at the very top, Kate fired up a diverse crowd of poets, writers, boxers, students, business leaders, cops and academics with her version of the Ali Shuffle. The event took place Jan. 15, 2010 at The Hartford Club.

    Directly above, Kate joins colleagues Gaby Calvocoressi and Binnie Klein, taking a breather after many rounds of poetry and prose. The festivities -- including writing workshops, two bands and a boxing exhibition -- drew about 150 guests to the Hartford Club

    Wednesday, December 07, 2016

    DECEMBER AT THE AUTHOR'S TABLE- James Herbert Smith, 'A Boy’s Life in the Baby Boom: True Tales from Small Town America' @HPLCT @IPNE

    Thursday, Dec. 8, 4-7 pm, Hartford Public Library

    A memoir about growing up in the post-war baby boom, which takes us back to a freedom in childhood unheard of today. As the first boomers turn 70 this year, Smith among them… The memoir reminds us of both the travails and the ecstasy of being a kid, a teen-ager, and maturing through failure and success.

    James Herbert Smith was born in the first year of the Baby Boom, 1946, and grew up in Pittsford, NY, the setting of this book. As a young father he moved to Connecticut and began a career in Journalism, where for nearly five decades he wrote and edited thousands of stories for what has been called “the first draft of history” in our daily newspapers. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Jacqueline, also a journalist.

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  • Excerpt, 'A Boy’s Life in the Baby Boom: True Tales from Small Town America'

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