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WNHH Radio 103.5 FM features 'more COOL JUSTICE'

Hosted by Babz Rawls Ivey, Editor of The Inner-City News

Foreshaw, Showalter, Badaracco, Boston Marathon bombing and New Orleans missing person cases noted – along with Louis The Coin’s memoir – on The New Haven Independent’s 'LoveBabz LoveTalk' show

BY Staff | OCT 9, 2015 12:19 PM

Was It Murder?

Usually you write about injustice and nothing happens. This time something happened.”

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  • Foreshaw & Thibault uncensored library discussion; Bob Thiesfield photo gallery

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  • Friday, October 02, 2015

    Podcast posted; Foreshaw & Thibault uncensored library discussion; Bob Thiesfield photo gallery

  • Podcast via Oliver Wolcott Library
    Bonnie Foreshaw starts around the 20-minute mark ...


    I took writing as a way to help deal w/ the reality of being incarcerated

    Writing was therapeutic for me … it helped purge me of the secrets …

    Our family & our culture was something that women didn’t talk about ...

    Saturday & Sunday you’re running for your life or you’re getting battered

    I left home to take a friend home and never got back for like 27 years …

    It took me at least 5 years to come to terms with being incarcerated

    While I was there I was sexually abused …

    I knew I wasn’t getting a fair trial

    ... No one answers any of my questions …

    My coming home was so surreal

    [After 3 years as a hospice volunteer] I began to suffer from burnout

    I was released without anything except a piece of paper

    I went to DMV 6 times to get ID

    The system isn’t set up for us to be successful …

    It’s set up for us to fail

    Inmates are the modern-day commodity

    I feel for the ladies left behind…mold, mildew, the deterioration of the buildings…They are breathing mold…

    It’s not a place where you rehabilitate unless you take it upon yourself

    The Buddhist monks used to come – and DOC would lock us up…

    They would do anything to keep the outside from coming in and seeing how we was actually living …

    The mildew is so well known…[guards] don’t even want to work there …

    I know in this world you can’t make it by yourself

    Faith kept me going

    I was surrounded by good women

    Wally Lamb came in because…the suicide rate was high…

    He helped the women to be more realistic…instead of taking that way out

    On the accidental & fatal shooting of Joyce Amos:

    It’s something I live with every day

    It was harder for me to forgive myself than it was for me to ask for forgiveness

    It’s just that recently, before I came home, that I gave myself permission to forgive myself for what I did because it wasn’t no intentions on my behalf … that’s what gives me the motivation to help others less fortunate than me …

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    at the Oliver Wolcott Library, Litchfield, CT

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  • - Bonnie Foreshaw and LuVonney LaMar peruse the second collection of essays by prisoners at the Niantic jail -- "I'll Fly Away" -- which Lamar recorded as an audio book for blind.

    - Librarian Heather Wilder at the video controls as more COOL JUSTICE author Andy Thibault opens the program.

    - Screen shot of Bonnie's first day of freedom 11-15-13 as gathering listens to WCBS 880 news report.

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  • - Bonnie takes the stage

    - Bonnie talks about surviving prison life for more than 27 years, the suffering women she left behind, the remorse she feels every day for taking another person's life in an accidental shooting and the benefits of the Wally Lamb writing workshops in gaining self awareness and alleviating depression.

    - more COOL JUSTICE: afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.

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  • Friday, September 25, 2015

    via @nhregister Bonnie Foreshaw, author to appear at library in Litchfield

    Andy Thibault, a former contributing editor and columnist for Digital First Media in Connecticut, will join a woman he helped free from prison for a book discussion Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. at the Oliver Wolcott Library in Litchfield. The event is free and open to the public; the library asks guests to pre-register under events at its website,

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  • Thibault’s second collection of columns — more COOL JUSTICE ( — leads off with the story of Bonnie Foreshaw, who served more than 27 years on a charge of premeditated murder of a woman she had never met. Foreshaw was granted a clemency hearing and ultimately freed after Digital First Media published a memo [The-Blue-Note] by former public defender Jon Blue – now a Superior Court judge who presided over the Cheshire murder cases. Blue and others argued the proper charge for the accidental shooting should have been manslaughter.


  • The memo was made public in a Cool Justice column published in May 2013 by the New Haven Register, The Register Citizen of Torrington, The Middletown Press and Litchfield County Times. Foreshaw was granted clemency six months later after the state reversed a decision denying her a hearing.

    Foreshaw, a contributor to the acclaimed prison journals “Couldn’t Keep It To Myself” and “I’ll Fly Away,” has begun work on a memoir.

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  • Hartford Courant Entertainment / Arts & Theater Page Advances #moreCOOLJUSTICE Event at #OliverWolcott Library

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  • Thursday, September 24, 2015

    Hartford Courant Entertainment / Arts & Theater Page Advances #moreCOOLJUSTICE Event at #OliverWolcott Library

    'More Cool Justice'

    On Thursday, Oct. 1, at 7 p.m., at Oliver Wolcott Library, 160 South St., Litchfield, author and investigator Andy Thibault will read from his essay collection about problems in the criminal justice system, "More Cool Justice" (Icebox, $20). One essay helped free Bonnie Foreshaw, who had been unjustly convicted of premeditated murder. Foreshaw will speak at the event.

    Thibault is also chairman emeritus of the Connecticut Young Writers Trust and was honored in 2014 by the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information with the Stephen Collins Award.

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  • Associated Press: Bonnie Foreshaw To Write Book & Help Others Getting Out Of Prison; Ask Bonnie About Her Memoir 10-1