Monday, January 23, 2023

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Think of us as a regional newspaper 

Friday, January 20, 2023

You can think of us as a regional paper #TheWinstedCitizen


Host Tom Hill III: WATR Waterbury Interview with Ralph Nader, founder, and Andy Thibault, editor & publisher, The Winsted Citizen. Pilot edition February 2023

Editorial cartoonist Englehart,
Advertising Director Scanlon
Featured at The Laurel 

Office Manager / Associate Editor, Advertising Director, 
Reporter, Editorial Cartoonist Join The Winsted Citizen;

Thursday, January 19, 2023

UPDATED: Managing Editor, Advertising & Circulation Director, Reporter, Editorial Cartoonist Join The Winsted Citizen; Torrington Daily Goes Weekly

Pilot Edition, February 2023

Managing Editor Melanie Ollett is a librarian, pastor, and freelance writer from New Hartford. She loves hearing about issues that matter to her local community while working as the children's/teen library assistant in New Hartford. She has spent more than 10 years in ministry serving churches in Washington, D.C., Western New York, and Long Island. She holds a B.A. in International Studies from American University, an M.Div from Wesley Theological Seminary, and an MLIS from Queens College. Reach her at

Rosemary Scanlon, Advertising & Circulation Director, is a local real estate agent. A native of Colebrook, CT she has a background in small business. Reach her at: @realtorrosemary

Reporter Marie Bonelli's career has focused on in marketing and communications, assisting businesses and nonprofits in brand awareness, business development, and member/donor attraction and retention. She’s inspired to write about the mainstays and newcomers to the area. Marie completed a masters in journalism from Quinnipiac University and has contributed to the Hartford News, Hartford Business Journal, The Litchfield County Times, and a recent documentary for Nutmeg TV on a Torrington soccer player.

Bob Englehart was the award-winning editorial cartoonist and writer for the Hartford Courant for 35 years, leaving in October 2015. Since then, he's been drawing editorial cartoons for Caglecartoonscom and He says, "Drawing editorial cartoons and writing keeps me off of the psychiatrist's couch." His novel, Whoever Steals A Man is available on

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Reporters and Photographers in the Field Hunting and Gathering for Readers of #TheWinstedCitizen at This Time

About Reynaldo Cruz Diaz, The Winsted Citizen Reporter & Photographer, via WATR 1320 am, Waterbury, CT, 1-16-23

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

About Reynaldo Cruz Diaz, The Winsted Citizen Reporter & Photographer, via WATR 1320 am, Waterbury, CT, 1-16-23

Host Tom Hill III: Interview with Ralph Nader, founder, and Andy Thibault, editor & publisher, The Winsted Citizen. Pilot edition February 2023.


Cuban sportswriter and photographer Reynaldo Cruz Diaz, 40, seeking political asylum in the U.S., in November told journalism students at the University of New Haven he left a government job after being censored. Diaz fled the country, he said, following a pattern of threats and harassment for his reports on independent sites about long lines and food shortages leading some to eat undesirable shark meat. He said secret police – noted for their polo shirts, Suzuki motorcycles and small satchels carrying guns – were stationed outside his house. His journey – which he said included months being hosted by Mexican and American friends before crossing the Rio Grande River into Texas in January – was featured on WNPR: 

Diaz said he found a 250-foot crossing several feet high but suffered lung damage from the frigid waters: “You have to walk; the current is so strong that if you try to swim it washes you away.” While in detention, he organized prisoners to sit, stand and sleep in two-hour shifts as some pods designed for 15 were filled with 40 people. He said Border Patrol and Texas prison officials appreciated his work as a translator as he speaks Spanish, English and French. Friends he met via sports exchange programs over several years arranged for him to fly to Connecticut from a Texas prison and establish residence near Hartford in February. His attorney Glenn Formica of New Haven, filed for asylum in November. 

WFSB TV3: CT '23 w/ Eric Parker, CBS Sunday Show, Aired 1-15-23 #TheWinstedCitizen