Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Flush Worthless Joe

This letter, first published by
The Hamden Daily News,,
was also submitted to
The Cool Justice Report.

Flush Worthless Joe

What does Joe McDonaugh's long, tedious, gushing column about seeing Joe Lieberman and Bill Clinton in Waterbury have to do with Hamden?

OK, some people think Bill Clinton is a darling. And no doubt, he is a dynamic, persuasive speaker. With that said, what do Bill Clinton's charisma and polemics have to do with Joe Lieberman's ability as a senator?

In a word, NOTHING!

Since the editor decided to run the promo for Sen. Lieberman's campaign, under the fairness doctrine I would like to offer a few thoughts about the senator to the citizens of Hamden.

The next time you fill up at the gas pump, ask yourself what Sen. Joe has done to ease the pain. When you heated your home last winter and had to pay double for natural gas and fuel oil, what did Joe Lieberman do for you? Next time you're at the drugstore and you have to deal with high prescription bills, ask yourself what Joe Lieberman has done to cut the profits of pharmaceutical companies and what he's done to make Medicare and Medicaid easier to use. Next time you pay your taxes, ask yourself what Sen. Joe hasdone to eliminate the marriage penalty, what he has done to reform an outmoded tax structure. Next time you read about the mess in Iraq, the loss of American lives, ask how many members of Sen. Lieberman's family are in uniform fighting for what Joe Lieberman says he believes in. He's done nothing.

Bill Clinton's words are hollow platitudes. No doubt he can rally the mindless and those suffering from political amnesia, but when was the last time anyone believed anything Bill Clinton said?

When I'm in the voting booth, I employ one theory: Diapers and politicians should be changed often, and for the same reason.

Franz Douskey


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