Monday, July 17, 2006

Politics, the Web and the Midterm Elections:

Joe Trippi Is Stunned by Sen. Lieberman's Web-Powered Foe


One of the most high-profile campaigns in this election cycle pits the incumbent Joseph Lieberman against the blogger-backed challenger, antiwar unknown Ned Lamont. According to political consultant Joe Trippi , Lamont’s quick rise in visibility and fundraising is emblematic of how new media tools like blogs and viral video are impacting political campaigns and movements.

Here Trippi explains how candidates who have harnessed the tools of the Internet are using the visibility to wage election battles at the state level. He cites the John Tester campaign in the Montana primary as another example of people using technology, including blogs and podcasts, to effectively advance their campaigns.

Joe also talks about the ways that social networking sites like YouTube and MySpace are becoming powerful forums for political movements.


Scarce said...

BrewerFactor said...

Looks like a rebellion. How does a guy like Jim Thomas, Hartford State's Attorney and corrupt prosecutor get to sign a letter denigrating any other prosecutor? I don't recall Morano ever framing anyone.
Rivera v. Thomas, et. al. said Thomas' conduct was bad (he helped frame Rivera for murder), but he was entitled to prosecutorial immunity. My theory is that in order to make it as a prosecutor or law enforcement agent for the prosecutor you have to have a good golf swing. Morano obviously was in the way of the next flunky to take this political hack position. I am not surprised that a "player" like my friend Kevin Kane is up for the job.