Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Robitis Poster Girl Leaves Accident Scene

Judge's Car, Boy's Bike Collide
Hartford Courant Staff Report
July 19 2006

A juvenile received a written warning Tuesday for failing to stop at a red light when the bicycle he was riding collided with a car driven by Superior Court Judge Wendy Susco, police said.

Susco said she was heading east on Homestead Avenue Tuesday morning when the bicycle struck her car as she proceeded through a green light at Woodland Street in Hartford, police said.

Susco stopped to see whether the boy was OK and then proceeded to work, where she called police, police said.

Police said the boy cut his leg but refused medical treatment from ambulance workers. He later went for treatment at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center after his mother was called.

'The courtrooms do not belong to any judges'

Cool Justice
The Divine Right Of Susco
Law Tribune Newspapers
May 15, 2006

What to do with self-proclaimed newspaper editor Wendy Susco?

Susco is the Hartford Superior Court judge who on May 2 told two reporters, "I don't allow note-taking in my courtroom."


What brought about this delusional episode?

Reality, aka the Connecticut Constitution, tells us: "All courts should be open." It is not Susco's courtroom. The courtrooms do not belong to any judges. Rather, they belong to the people of Connecticut.

No one needs a judge's permission to take notes. The reporters in court that day should have told Susco she was out of order and continued taking notes. If marshals subsequently approached them, the reporters could have advised the marshals of their duty to obey illegal orders given the judge's wanton desecration of the Connecticut and U.S. Constitutions.

So what if the reporters would have to spend a few hours in a holding cell? They would meet nicer people than they met in the courtroom. Or, as many bullies are cowards, the dopey judge might have realized what she stepped in and backed off.

Bravo to Journal Inquirer reporter Heather Collins, who, two days after Susco's outrageous and bizarre outburst, sat in the front row of Hartford Superior Court and took notes.

My remedy for Susco's wrongdoing is to have her read the Magna Carta aloud while displayed in public stocks at Bushnell Park. Former Supreme Court Justice William "Tocco" Sullivan - who recently rigged the Freedom of Information case about access to docket information - can join Susco as a back-up reader. If this assignment is too light, they can continue by reading the Connecticut and U.S. Constitutions.

Susco should also be given a mental exam. If she is found to be sufficiently deranged, then she can be hired as an executive for one of the newspaper chains or television conglomerates that are also enemies of the free flow of information. It will be a nice fit. She can tell reporters to write happy stories and be polite and obsequious. Perhaps a foundation will underwrite a Susco Chair In Deference To The Corrupt and Racketeering Organization "Los Robos," a name I hereby dub to the crew known as the Connecticut Judicial Department.

The good judges trapped in Los Robos are starting to grumble, and they should continue to do so -- publicly. Sullivan is no longer around to transfer them to outposts far from home. Also, acting Chief Justice David Borden is said to be organizing a committee that will engender some openness in the courts.

These positive developments can gain traction if more members of the Legislature's Judiciary Committee gain some guts and integrity - instead of just marking time to join Los Robos.

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Anonymous said...


I heard a rumor about the Judge leaving the scene of the accident.
Don't know if it is true or not but here goes.
The day before the accident some lawyer brought up the Constitution in a trial before Susco.This reminded her that after work she would have to pick up some ex-lax because she had been constituted for the past three days.
The ex-lax had kicked in just about the time of the accident.Being stuck in the North End of Hartford added to her urgency.So she rushed off from the scene.