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Phony Lieber-Rove's Fake Security Plank Central Fraud In The Me Campaign

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Phony Lieber-Rove's Fake Security Plank
Central Fraud In The Me Campaign

The Cool Justice Report
Aug. 13, 2006

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Some people like democracy - except when it actually happens.

When they are challenged, they say things like, "Let's not get partisan" or "Let's not make this political." This is a sure sign something is up. Hold on to your wallet. Turn on the crap detector.

What they are really saying is, Don't challenge me. Leave me alone, I'll take care of you.

This brings to mind the giant sucking-up sound of Phony Joe Lieber-Rove Loserman saying, "We undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril."

Think about it. Is this not one of the all-time greatest anti-democratic statements ever made? In time of war, we need more free speech -- not less. Citizens need to exercise citizenship and not tolerate wasteful spending of dollars and lives or illegal spying by big government.

And how could anyone undermine the president's credibility?

The message from Phony Loserman was to march in line quietly and let big government take care of you, whether by bankrupting the nation and destroying lives unnecessarily with the Iraq diversion or deciding when a family should pull the plug on a hopelessly debilitated loved one.

Then, to the infantile: I think Big Bad Ned broke my toy was the cry from Phony Loserman when his crummy website went bonkers and splat. Boo hoo. Poor Phony Baby. Never mind the evidence or lack thereof.

Finally, to the ludicrous: Ned Lamont's victory in Connecticut's Democratic Senate primary will be celebrated "by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes in this plot hatched in England," Phony Loserman asserted. More great hits emanate from the Rove-Cheney-Bush playbook as they try to cover up their own mess with whatever might stick. Do they really think the people of Connecticut are that stupid?

A more honest song for Lieber-Rove to sing would be, "My party left me and there's gonna be trouble …"

Ned Lamont stood up to power and gave the voiceless a voice. He said, Stop, let's think about what is a phony war on terror and what is real security. What are good decisions and what are bad decisions on health care, education and infrastructure? Because of this, he is a very dangerous person.

As Phony Loserman does the funky chicken, convulsing on the facts and choking on his own bile, get ready for more wild punches out of nowhere. For the self-proclaimed Mr. Morality and the truth are complete strangers. It will only get worse as Lamont maintains grace under pressure and demonstrates himself to be a statesman in venues including Fox News Sunday.

Republicans like Lieber-Rove are good fighters. Lieber-Rove is nothing if not a good tactician. He ran rings around Lowell Weicker on the right and left simultaneously. Keep in mind these types of fights have nothing to do with reality but everything to do with who can punch. In street fights like this, the James Bakers of the world flatten the Al Gores. Thankfully for Lamont, his campaign manager Tom Swan is a good puncher and perhaps a good multi-tasker.

Setting Lamont apart from many politicians is his ability to actually listen to people, whether it's a cop on the street trying to keep rally-goers out of traffic or a fair organizer compelled to tell the candidate more than he needs to know about an event as supporters stand by.

"My party" has been hijacked by extremists, the sorry, pompous old fool said. But, who is the real extremist? The fiscal conservative and accomplished businessman who won the primary or the doddering hack who caters to the fascist impulses of the sanctimonious and the power elite?

Sadly for him, Phony Loserman has become what he painted Lowell Weicker as in 1988: Nobody's Man But His Own.
Andy Thibault, author of Law & Justice In Everyday Life and a private investigator, is a mentor in the MFA writing program at Western Connecticut State University, consulting editor for the literary journal Connecticut Review and adjunct professor at the University of Hartford's Hillyer College. Website,, and Blog,


RSamul said...

From a technical view point, these websites work on bandwith. The more bandwidth you supply for your website the more it costs. Sounds like Joe didn't put enough $ into the website server. During the election everyone wanted to check out what was going on. If the site gets flooded and exceeds its bandwidth... it closes. The Lamont campagin even offered to fix it for them. What does that tell you? Rove didn't give him enough cash to run a proper website... however, have you seen the Homeland Security Website? You can see that in the land of the idiots, they haven't mastered the cutting edge mouth piece of everyone under the age of 60. "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king."

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