Thursday, September 07, 2006

Enfield Mayor Full Of ...

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Enfield Mayor: Town Agencies Doing A Great Job
No Profiles In Courage Here

The Cool Justice Report
Sept. 7, 2006

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Enfield Mayor Patrick Tallarita, a life-long resident of town, is full of …

Well, he's full of praise for the Planning & Zoning Commission.

The P&Z, a big spender on litigation, will be in court next week to try to stop the Enfield Montessori School from trying to proceed with safety-related parking improvements. The P&Z is suing the Enfield Zoning Board of Appeals, because that agency overturned a sham P&Z ruling that would have shut down a parking area that has been used for more than 40 years.

"I think the zoning commission always acts in the best interests of this community," Tallarita told me last night. "They are trying to protect the abutting residents."

One of the abutting residents is influential businessman Anthony Troiano, a staunch foe of improvements for the Montessori School.

Tallarita describes his relationship with Troiano merely as "a neighbor."

"They're a prominent, well-established family," Tallarita said.

Asked how much the P&Z has spent on this case, Tallarita said he did not know and was not concerned.

Where does the buck stop?

"The buck stops with particular boards and commissions," Tallarita said.

Asked about his fiduciary responsibility and that of the town council for spending by appointed commissions, Tallarita said, "They have to act within reason." He declined to elaborate.


Anonymous said...

Merely a neighbor? Mayor Tallarita could be related to former Governor Rowland if not by blood, then by deed.

Anonymous said...

How can our mayor not be concerned about how much taxpayers money is being spent on this case?

Anonymous said...

So u are just finding out that our mayor is full of himself as well as other things? Welcome to Enfield. He sees himself as a strong mayor in the council/manager form of government. He is only one of the 11 votes. He sees himself as a great leader when in fact he doesn't know what leadership is. It shows in his a ctions and his words. The Rowland post is closer to the truth than anyone knows. Just ask his trusted friends who both know and speak freely. They don't truly like him but they play his game with a smile, a wink, and a contribution to further their Enfield business ventures. It is too bad really. He brings a dark shadow over a good town council.

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