Friday, October 27, 2006

Letter To JI Editor From Savvy Reader

Curious timing
Oct. 26, 2006
Journal Inquirer

An Enfield state representative recently held a news conference about trying to secure state funding to help cover the additional $1.1 million needed for the Fermi High School field "fiasco" ("Legislators seek state funding for Fermi cleanup," Oct I8).

Call me a tad suspicious, but the timing of this news conference is two weeks away from the elections.

For months it's been publicized that other Connecticut communities (Andover, Meriden, Wallingford, and West Hartford) were successful in securing millions of dollars in state funding for their towns' athletic facilities. What took Enfield's state representatives so long to step up to the plate? Is the upcoming election prompting action? Or, is this an attempt to help bail out the town's mishandling of the Fermi field situation?

Enfield's state representatives are simply following the lead of some of their fellow representatives now -- but it's too little, too late. It's time to make a change. It's time to get new people into these important positions, people who will work full time for Enfield's best interest. Enfield residents simply can't afford to re-appoint state representatives who sat back and watched as other communities reaped the financial assistance available.

It's clear that Enfield's town officials grossly underestimated the scope and cost of the Fermi field remediation project. In the private sector, underestimating a project by $1.1 million might be grounds for termination (or at least warrant an apology and/or an explanation). However in Enfield, it's simply "business as usual.°

In light of what's transpired in Enfield over the past few months, perhaps town officials should take lessons from the savvy Felician Sisters. Sister Anastasia, Sister Francine, and Sister Carol Marie I proved to all that they know how to get things done, despite numerous obstacles. Perhaps Enfield residents could convince these empowered sisters to run for Town Council?



Anonymous said...

Politics are what they are and every politician, Rep and Dem, do the same thing. They time their activities to get votes. Rob Simmons and John Kissel are masters and no one plays it better than our own town chair, Ms. Maryann Turner. So stop throwing stones at the other guys just because they are in the majority and we're mad that we didn't think of it first. Smile more, it might change your outlook.

Anonymous said...

Throwing stones? Who started all this in the first place? Look at all this BAD questionable stuff. Are you saying to ignore everything? Who right now is proud to say they are a democrate. I'm finding it very difficult at this time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this stuff being just a lard of crap. But is it true that the town GOP Committee is having a pumpkin rolling contest at the fields at Fermi High School.