Friday, November 03, 2006

Ct Blogger: Lieberman throws former campaign manager under the bus

From Ct Blogger

The New London Day caught up with Joe Lieberman Thursday and asked him about the serious questions raised surrounding his 387,000 in petty cash the New Haven Register article. Following the same pattern as during the primary when he blamed his staff for losing, Lieberman avoids taking any responsibility and instead, throws his former campaign manager Sean Smith under the bus.

The senator ducked a question about the Lamont campaign's complaint to the Federal Election Commission about more than $387,000 in petty cash spent during the primary, and following a report in The New Haven Register that some Lieberman workers said they had been paid twice as much as the campaign reported to the FEC.

"Well, I decided a long time ago in my political career that I couldn't be both campaign manager and the candidate," Lieberman said. "So, I'm the candidate."

Oh, I'm sure that comment made Smith feel really great. Teflon Lieberman refuses to take responsibility for anything whether it's the reasons for his unpopularity among Democrats or the reason behind his primary loss.

By the way, did Joe just admit that his campaign violating FEC law? If there wsa no wrongdoing, he could have just said so instead of putting the blame on Smith.

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