Sunday, February 11, 2007

Books By Fiddleheads Poets & Writers

Appearing 11 a.m. Sat., March 10, 2007

Reception and intermission entertainment
by local jazz combo

Fiddleheads Natural Supermarket

55 Village Green Drive
Litchfield, CT

* Ravi "I Don't Play The Sitar" Shankar, Instrumentality.

* Robin Cullen, Couldn't Keep It To Myself, Testimonies From Our Imprisoned Sisters, edited by Wally Lamb.

* Tom Hazuka, A Method To March Madness: An Insider's Look At The Final Four; The Road To The Island; City Of The Disappeared.

* Shouhua Qi, When The Purple Mountain Burns.

* Lynn Hoffman, Like Fire Catching Wind.

* Ron Winter, Masters Of The Art: A Fighting Marine's Memoir; Incoming Is Outgoing From The Other Side.

* Davyne Verstandig, Pieces Of The Whole; Provisions.

* Jim Scrimgeour, seven books of poetry including Greatest Hits.

* David Cappella, Teaching The Art Of Poetry; A Surge Of Language: Teaching Poetry Day By Day.

* Elizabeth Thomas, Full Circle.

Doug Slohm, bass; Ben Loomis, drums; Graham Meharg, piano; Will Katzin, alto sax; Alex Gros, alto sax.

Books by
The Fabulous Rainy Faye

For more background on the poets and writers,
Search Fiddleheads and / or the writers in archives
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