Sunday, February 25, 2007

Caffeinated Geek Girl Speaks

A Place To Have A Say

Hartford Courant
February 25 2007

When I think about Connecticut bloggers and their impact on the political process, two quotes come to mind. The first is from Democratic state Rep. Mike Lawlor. Lawlor was holding a press conference about the recent arrest of Ken Krayeske and referred to Connecticut Local Politics as a website "which many of us consult every day."

For Lawlor, this was a throwaway comment, but for me it was validation that bloggers are making an impact. Elected officials are paying attention.

The second quote is from an anonymous user commenting on a blog post I wrote last month. This person took issue with both the content of my post and my ego, and ended his or her comment by saying, "Just because you post your drivel doesn't make you better than anyone else."

My anonymous friend is right. Bloggers don't have any particular authority or experience that makes our opinions more valid than anyone else's. We just happen to put them online.

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