Friday, February 23, 2007

Citizen Journalism Project

Political Blog Launches Citizen Journalism Project

by Christine Stuart

Connecticut Local Politics, one of the state’s favorite non-partisan blogs, launched its new citizen journalism site Thursday called TownBlogs.

TownBlogs will give citizens a chance to cover their own towns.

Citizens, who sign up to contribute to the site, will be able to control the content about local politics, Town Hall meetings, or news about local government.

CTLP has encouraged citizens to sign-up to use the site Thursday and hopes the site will become a vital resource for people in Connecticut towns looking for information about local politics and elections.

"More and more people are looking for information about what's happening locally on the Internet,” CTLP founder Chris Bigelow said in a press release. "TownBlogs is a great opportunity for committed citizens to start writing about what's happening in their own backyards, and to fill gaps in local coverage.

CTLP, which started in 2005 has quickly grown into one Connecticut's most trusted online resource for news, commentary, and discussion. Recently CTLP featured guest blog posts authored by Senator Chris Dodd, Congressman Chris Murphy, and Lt. Governor Michael Fedele.

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