Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Salon Slaps Phony Joe

Glenn Greenwald

MONDAY FEBRUARY 26, 2007 07:46 EST

Joe Lieberman's dishonesty: The Iraq tragedy in a nutshell

When historians endeavor to understand how America embarked on this dark and disastrous period in our history -- how we not only collectively made our worst strategic mistake by invading Iraq on multiple false pretenses, but also proceeded to re-elect the President who did that and long embraced the obvious delusion that the chaotic occupation was going well -- they can begin with this Op-Ed in this morning's Wall St. Journal by Joe Lieberman. The Op-Ed is an act of dishonesty and corruption as audacious and disgraceful as one can find.

Lieberman has stood up today to assure us that we now have a great, brand new strategy in Iraq, that the fundamental problems with our prior tactics have been fixed, and that it is therefore our duty as Americans (still) to keep our mouths shut and be led to Victory:

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