Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weinglass Recounts Civil Rights Career

By Matt Klein

Well-known for his defense of high-profile, controversial clients, including the "Chicago Seven" and [Brandeis] University ... protester Abbie Hoffman, attorney Leonard Weinglass defended his decision to represent a Cuban man sentenced to life for espionage last night at Suffolk University Law School.

Weinglass said his representation of such controversial, but no less deserving, clients embodies the belief in civil liberties he has developed during his nearly 50 years of practicing law.

"I have seen the civil rights movement achieve not all, but many of its goals," he said.

Weinglass said he decided to defend Antonio Guerrero, a Cuban man convicted of espionage against the United States in 1998, because he believes he was unfairly tried and sentenced to life in prison.

Because his client's espionage trial was conducted in Miami ... , Weinglass said he was unfairly sentenced.

"A fair trial for Cubans in Miami [is] impossible," he said.

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