Monday, March 05, 2007

Ad Hoc Russell Defense Fund

Request To Start A Defense Fund For Connecticut Lawyer
Via Crime & Federalism

By Norm Pattis

In last week's mail, an unusual request: An anonymous writer sent me a $10 bill with the following note.


For defense/support of Phillip Russell.

Please use your blog to start an IPTAM club for his defense. (I Pay Ten A Month)

Sans some help here we might as well quit the profession.

Real Scared Attorney."

There was no return address, but the envelope did bear a Saint Louis, Missouri postmark.

Mr. Russell, as regular readers know, is a prominent Connecticut defense lawyer accused of breaking a new law, 18 U.S.C. Section 1519, which criminalizes the alteration or destruction of potential evidence in contemplation of a federal proceeding. This Sarbanes-Oxley amendment expands the scope of federal prosecution to include anyone who alters evidence that might be used in a federal investigation, regardless of whether an investigation has actually begun.

I will do as requested and send the funds along to Mr. Russell, together with any other contributions we receive. If I were to pocket the funds who knows what crime I might be accused of committing.

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