Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Comments On Smolinski Case @ Nutmeg Grater, CtNews Junkie


please stop by the cool justice report to read a very thorough report on the disappearance of billy smolinski.

the story of jan smolinski (billy's mother) has been in the papers of late. ms smolinski is working tirelessly to get laws passed to assist in cases of MISSING ADULTS.

i had NO idea exactly what ms smolinski was up against. information appears to have been kept from her by the waterbury police department. ms smolinski was arrested by the police department for PUTTING UP FLYERS REGARDING HER MISSING SON.

what is wrong with this picture?

jim brewer wrote the article andy thibault did the investigation. give it a read. it's EYE OPENING.

to the smolinski's, i hope you find peace. i'm sorry you had to go through what you did.



Missing person, possible murder complaint to the police and they do nothing and then arrest a mother wanting information on her missing son?

If you want law enforcement or investigative work done where do you go in Connecticut? It sounds like police in Connecticut are only armed revenue collectors that retaliate and arrest citizens if they are asked to get off their lazy, arrogant asses.

Police need oversight. If they don't have it, they do nothing, harass citizens, and commit crimes. All things you don't want in a "law enforcement" organization.

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