Tuesday, March 06, 2007

She Likes Joes

Joes: they're all right by me.
by sadielady

I'm in love with a fictional character. His name is Joe Pike. He's a character in several novels by Robert Crais. The most recent novel came out only last week; I went to Barnes and Noble the day it came out to buy a copy, and I read it in two days. Since then, I have had 3 dreams involving Joe Pike. In the first dream, he and I had sex; a lot of sex. It was really, really hot sex. In the second dream, he was just another character in the dream, one of many. And we were sort of friends. In the third dream, which I had last night, we were friends, but he liked me a lot, romantically, and I liked him a lot, romantically. It was a nice dream.

And then, in the dream, he became another Joe; a guy I know in real life named Joe, who was an associate attorney at my old law firm. We started the same year at the firm, became good friends, and I had quite a crush on him. I think he had a bit of a crush on me, too; he invited me to do stuff with him and some of his friends from law school a good bit (I was new in town, and didn't know many people), and a few times when he and I would be talking late at night by ourselves, I would get the feeling that he was thinking about kissing me, only he never did. Then he got real sick, MS, and he got real sad, and he kind of retreated into himself, wasn't quite the same, and then he moved away. In my dream last night, he was also real sick, just like in real life, only in my dream I was not just his friend, I was taking care of him like I was his nurse (*shout out to my friend who made me dream about nurses last night), and I fell in love with him. And he fell in love with me, and we kissed, and it was really sweet.

I was still thinking about the dream when I woke up this morning, and I tried to go back to sleep real fast so I could keep dreaming it. It didn't work, and that made me sad.

I like Joe Pike. I like Robert Crais. I like Elvis Cole, another character in Robert Crais' books. And I like the Joe I used to know many years ago, who Joe Pike turned into in my dream last night.

I don't know why I'm writing about this. Except it's been a week since I've written anything, and I don't have much else to write about.

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