Friday, April 13, 2007

Channel 3: Records Show Smolinski Tip
Police Records Released In Smolinski Case
Caller Claims To Know Man's Burial Site, Records Indicate
POSTED: 11:38 am EDT April 13, 2007

WATERBURY, Conn. -- Police have released files about the disappearance of Billy Smolinski.

Smolinski, 31, disappeared on Aug. 24, 2004, after telling a neighbor that he was going on a trip up north. His truck never left the driveway and his wallet, keys and dog were all left at home.

His family erected a billboard on Route 8 last month asking for information into his disappearance. Smolinski's parents told Eyewitness News the new information revealed in the police records has shocked them and they will never give up the search for the truth.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Diana Rocco reported that the records indicate police received a tip last June from the Crime Stoppers hot line. The person claimed that they know how and where Smolinski died, saying they heard a story from a friend of someone involved.

The caller claimed that Smolinski was strangled in his ex-girlfriend's home and "buried at a job site." The records indicate that the caller told police that Smolinski was buried "under a spot (where) concrete was poured the next day."

Police said they did question this caller further but have not substantiated the claims. Investigators have repeatedly questioned Smolinski's ex-girlfriend, Madaline Gleason. The police records revealed that Gleason told police that Smolinski found out she was having an affair and confronted her.

Sources told Eyewitness News that Smolinski left a threatening message on the answering machine of the other man on the day he disappeared.

No one has yet to be charged in this continuing investigation by the FBI. Anyone with information regarding the investigation into Smolinksi's whereabouts can anonymously call the FBI by dialing 203-777-6311 or visit the Web site [link @ right-hand column] created by his family.

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