Friday, May 18, 2007

More Comments On Enfield Criminal Investigation

I like the fact that bloggers can grab onto an issue that doesn't get covered in the news, like you did with this one, and keep plugging away at it until someone in the SCLM finally notices.

Posted by Connecticut Man 1 | 2:48 PM

Wow, sounds as if there's no shortage on arrogrance and ignorance when it comes to some of Enfield's testosterone-filled "politicians". Sounds like one of those "good ol'boys" social clubs that doesn't allow women.

Bravo to the nuns. Clearly they're the best, brightest, and classiest group in that town.

Posted by Anonymous | 10:28 AM

What ever happens , happens. Great attitude! I am a town employee, have shopped at Bernie's, inquired about a discount, was told there was none. Recklessly approving and denying goes far deeper than the mayor. The citizens in this town need to log on to Enfield's site and review agendas and minutes. It is amazing the who's who and he knows him and they are related, who's filling in and who isn't showing. I'd like to know why my taxes in less than 20 years have gone from under $2000.00 to well over the cost of my annual mortgage now which doesn't include vehicles. My families salary certainly hasn't increased at this rate, this mayor and council should be proud , I don't think so! If there are things to be found, go find them, enough is enough. Any resident who knows anything should be assisting in this investigation. No council, mayor or person in this town should have this kind of power. Can I afford to live here and do I want to? I'm not so sure anymore!

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 6:09 PM

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Anonymous said...

The Journal Inquirer article raises some interesting questions. Why is this the first time in all these years we are hearing that planting bushes remedies a 'safety issue' with the Montessori school parking lot? I don't recall the final decision issued by the court mentioning driving over a sidewalk or planting aesthetically pleasing landscape bushes to rectify a safety concern. Wouldn't Enfield Town officials have mentioned this as a solution to the dispute a long time ago, and many tens of thousands of tax payer dollars ago? If the planting of some bushes was enough to stop an appeal by the Town in the fall, and the Mayor and his children were willing to come over and help dig a few holes, why didn't the Town put the brakes on the enormously expensive litigation years ago? Sounds like a simple solution to the Town's problem with the school. Now we are to believe that the Town agreed not to further this matter by appealing if the nuns simply planting some landscaping bushes? But more importantly than bushes, why is PiPace divulging this strategically calculated bit of 'confidential' information at this point? Is it because there may be a criminal investigation into the antics of the Town officials, specifically the Mayor? Sounds like a distraction tactic to me. If in fact an agreement existed, isn't there something actionable about his conduct in publicly announcing a 'confidential agreement' that was part of such a significant court case? How is he now penalized for breaking this confidence, especially in his capacity as a Town official? Does he not think he needs to be held to the same standard as everyone else involved? (ridiculous question at this point) As usual, Enfield Town officials feel they are allowed to conduct themselves as they see fit, as it furthers their own political interest, and without expecting any repercussions for not following the rules. DiPace's statements alone stand for what this whole mess is about - - Enfield Town officials, from the Mayor on down, will do whatever they need to do, however they need to do it, regardless of the rules, laws, or 'confidential agreements' that are part of a judicial matter, to further their own personal interests. By his own admission, DiPace is violating a confidential agreement to the resolution of one of the largest cases the Town has ever pursued, because he doesn’t care for the negative connotations a criminal investigation may hold. It’s about time the proper officials look into criminal conduct on the part of the Enfield Town officials. I think it should go far beyond the Mayor as well. The whole bunch of them stinks more and more as time goes on. And if DiPace can’t take the heat, it’s high time for him to get out of the fire.