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New Enfield Comments

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I'd like to challenge our Planning and Zoning, In-land wetlands commission and any taxpayer in this town to go and look at the Yale Court "subdivision" and see for themself exactly what it is, a builder's shoddy workmanship and nothing more. I doubt those homeowners even know the $299,000.00 price tag they paid to live on a swamp! Trees were cut down and wetlands doesn't even care! I recall trim not remove in the reports! Nobody watched this venture, ask Mr. Tallarita why he was often on sight and covering and filling when the rains came, oh yeah it was his wife's venture.

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This story is heavy on innuendo and extremely light on facts, which is the standard concerning Enfield-related articles posted on this blog.

What constitutes an investigation? Perhaps the state's attorney is simply responding to some angry people's unfounded complaints but hasn't launched a true investigation.

How do we know the "investigation" involves the local "rumors" concerning the Felician Sister case and the Bernie's discounts? The writer links the two without explaining how she got there. This is irresponsible journalism. If you don't know what's being investigated, then you shouldn't speculate.

More questions: Why is it wrong for the mayor's wife to develop property? There is no law barring the mayor's wife from building houses. The PZC unanimously approved the project after a substantial public hearing. The developer changed the project's scope to gainm approval. Is Tallarita so influential that he can force even Republican PZC members to do his bidding? Not likely.

Mr. Thibault has never presented any hard evidence, much less proof, of a conspiracy to shut down the Felician Sisters' school and force the sisters off their land. A conspiracy doesn't exist simply because Mr. Thibault hopes one does. He needs to show a direct connection -- instead he speculates -- which, again, isn't responsible journalism.

The Bernie's tax abatement was unanimously approved. At worst, Tallarita took advantage of an offer made available to many town officials for a discount that was intended as a "thank you." Retailers routinely provide these sort of discounts to all sorts of people as part of their marketing strategy. In this case, offering the discount would have been unwise and possibly unethical, but it isn't blatant corruption. Proving a quid pro quo arrangement would be tremendously difficult. Bernie's was going to get that abatement with or without the "alleged" discounts.

Here's a question for everyone to consider: What's worse: getting a good deal on a stove or recklessly ruining somebody's reputation with innuendo and conjecture?

If Tallarita is corrupt, then I hope the state's attorney prosecutes him to the fullest extent of the law. If that happens, then good for Mr. Thibault. If the state's attorney determines no corruption has occured, then I look forward to reading Mr. Thibault's apology on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

What ever happens , happens. Great attitude! I am a town employee, have shopped at Bernie's, inquired about a discount, was told there was none. Recklessly approving and denying goes far deeper than the mayor. The citizens in this town need to log on to Enfield's site and review agendas and minutes. It is amazing the who's who and he knows him and they are related, who's filling in and who isn't showing. I'd like to know why my taxes in less than 20 years have gone from under $2000.00 to well over the cost of my annual mortgage now which doesn' t include
vehicles. My families salary certainly hasn't increased at this rate, this mayor and council should be proud , I don't think so! If there are things to be found, go find them, enough is enough. Any resident who knows anything should be assisting in this investigation. No council, mayor or person in this town should have this kind of power. Can I afford to live here and do I want to? I'm not so sure anymore!