Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Prognostication On Enfield Council Races

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This charade just becomes more unbelievable. Were it not for the fact that real lives were at stake, it would be outright comical.

There's no way that Tallarita's gonna run for reelection after this. We'll get creamed. I know that even many Tallarita loyalists are against letting him run again.

Same thing with DiPace. If we nominate him for council we're dead ducks. The whole campaign will be nothing but questions about the Montessori lawsuits. It will make the property revals seem easy.

Supposedly, Tallarita's thinking of stepping down. I hear it might be as soon as the next council meeting.

Some of the dems, including me, don't want to see Hillinski succeed Tallarita because he's too much of a Tallarita crony. Pat picked Ken for Deputy Mayor because he didn't want to be overshadowed. Ken has been a good lackey. But good lackeys don't necessarily make good leaders. That was Ken's mistake. He thought he could ride Pat's coattails to power but instead ended up riding them down the highway to hell.

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Anonymous said...

Hillinski was a lackey on the Board of Ed and I agree he was dropped in place to be a bobble head and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Enfield needs to clean house re: their choices in politicans. Time to get rid of these "boys" who have run down the town, while running up the taxes. They've treated the last few years like this was some kind of private club.

"Out" with the mayor's cronies. "Out" with his lackeys. Heck, maybe the mayor will even opt to move from Enfield. And take his sister with him.

Enfield was once labeled an "American City", but now its a joke for permitting its town officials to bully the nuns.

Anonymous said...

Yeah those were the good old days, weren't they- "All-American City"?

We'll never get that again if the dems keep going. Their motto is "Subdivision City: Not a farm or piece of wetlands undeveloped. With the right incentives (wink, wink) and an easement, the trees on your wetlands can start growing dollar bills, too."

You wonder why you have all these wild animals wandering all over the place like the bear in West Hartford. It's because we're kicking them out of their habitats to build more subdivisions. The same with the farms. We're losing our history like no tomorrow.

The American dream of owning your home has morphed into a dream of owning a McMansion on multiple acres of land. What schmucks! Look at the stuff being put up on "Meetinghouse Lane". (What a snotty name!) They tore down a house and built a road to make a subdivision behind them.

Meanwhile, my grandkids can't afford to live anywhere in Enfield, except for the crack houses on Pleasant Street. Get this- to rent a 1 bedroom apartment at Bigelow is $900 a month! That's as much as some folks' mortgage. And yet it's across the street from a bunch of run-down crack houses.