Saturday, May 19, 2007

Reader Wonders About DiPace's Bushes

From anonymous reader:

I have questions for Mr. DiPace.

I read his article in the JI about the town and the Enfield Montessori School’s parking lot and am confused.

Is there another Montessori School in Enfield that we don’t know about? I was in court when the judge was hearing from the attorneys for the Montessori School, the ZBA and the PZC. That case was dealing with the question as to whether or not the parking lot of the Enfield Montessori School was LEGAL. That particular case had nothing to do with SAFETY although I do understand that the Sisters are still trying (with not much help from the town) to carry out their plans that would greatly improve the safety.

The meeting at the ZBA (at which I was also present) overturned the PZC denial of the legality of that parking lot after many people offered sworn testimonies proving that the land in question had been used for parking since the mid 1940’s. I’m not sure how adding “BUSHES” to a lot would make it a LEGAL PARKING LOT.

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Anonymous said...

For many living in the "historical district" of Enfield, "image" means everything. So those silly lil'bushes planted along the sidewalk are probably considered a "victory" of sorts to the esteemed mayor, the neighboring Troiano's and some zoning commission members.

Cuz a few 3' bushes aren't gonna do much in the way of "real safety".

"This" was likely just another hurdle & cost the good sisters had to endure in all of this "parking lot baloney" (unless of course, the bushes were donated? Let's hope so for the sake of the sisters' pockerbooks.)