Tuesday, June 05, 2007

30 Seconds Over Shaw's

The Finger Launch Analzyed

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Explain to me how one goes from 30 second conversation without any yelling or swearing, to giving someone the finger? Or will the mayor try to say that was nothing more than his lame attempt at sign language? Sounds like a heated argument to me. A very one-sided
heated argument.

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Anonymous said...

"Not really an incident"?? When you are the MAYOR of a town and the most scrutinized public figure locally, it really IS an incident. Goodness, and he is considering running for HIGHER OFFICE?? Cant wait to get my hands on that lever, hold me back!
I can only hope the voters decide that Enfield deserves better leadership in November. There are a good group of people who would be honored to serve the town and would be exemplary models to us all.

Anonymous said...

He's the most scrutinized public figure in Enfield, because of his antics and attitude. When you give taxpayers good reason to question your behavior, what would you expect? I still can't believe that enough people voted for him, to make him mayor. I really hope those people realize their mistake now, and are more careful the next time they cast a vote. This is partially their fault for putting him in office.