Monday, June 11, 2007

Did Someone Say, "Problem?"

Or "Nepotism?"
How About
Ongoing ...
... Honest
And Smart

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>If anyone thinks this isn't manipulated and biased, just look at the disclaimer on the bottom of the comments box. "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author." So much for free speech.

I know for a fact that anything I've sent to this blog, has "appeared" as is. Nothing has ever been edited. Its been about as free as free can be. Were your comments above edited?

Again, there are a few out there scared to death by this blog. Just why, is anyone's guess. But this blog isn't the problem. The problem is the activities of a few Enfield officials. This blog is only helping to open the eyes of the uninformed.

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> I wish Mary Lou was alive to bring us back from the depths to which we've sunk.

Folks from both parties sorely miss
the honorable Mayor Strom. She was a class act when Enfield was considereda classy town. Funny how quickly things have changed in a couple of terms.

A lot of repair work needs to occur on both sides beforeresidents feel the same about their town officials. First step is to cleanhouse. Out with the current members who have simply followed their leader. Its every voter's responsibility to elect the best people available. Andto stop voting because a last name sounds familiar. Nepotism is a curse.

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> What about Sue Lavelli-Hozempa- She has done a great job on the BOE. She is young and attractive and smart.

Trust me, I don't care if someone is young. And I really don't care if someone is attractive. I want honest and smart candidates. People who aren't afraid to speak their minds about ways to save taxpayers' money. If she's all of these, and decides to run, then she'll get my vote. Its that simple.

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Anonymous said...

In the words of Alice Walker, ""Activism is my rent for living on this planet." So, good people of Enfield, please start voting for
better candiates if you, yourself, don't personally have the time to make a difference. Vote smarter. Its the least you can do while you're on this earth.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Nepotism" isn't it ironic too how some Enfield voters jumped to support first, the husband, and then the wife "Jarmoc" town representative team. Between the brother/sister "Tallarita" team, the Jarmocs, and now the "Kiners" (father/son) gotta wonder what it is about politics that make some families feel they're most qualified. All that is merely name recognition. And its not just Enfield that this occurs.

Just because some may be born into, or married into, politics, that doesn't mean they're necessarily the best candidate. Just look at the Bushes. How many would like to take back their 2004 Bush vote?

Vote with your brains, and your eyes wide open. Not by parties. Don't just vote for some ol'family friend or someone with a familiar last name. That's a waste.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's time to sweep the dynasties out- the Tallaritas, the Jarmocs, and Kiners need to go for good. There's no reason why a politician should be elected because he was preceded by his mother, his father, or her husband. They're the ones beholden to special interests who have created the problems we have now. They're all career politicians more interested in raising campaign cash than helping Enfield.

It's sad to see how low my party has sunk. These days, I'm almost ashamed to admit I'm a Democrat. We used to be the party of Harry Truman, JFK, Abe Ribicoff and Ella Grasso. During the post Cold War recession, Roxy Burke refused to raise taxes.

How did we get to being represented by wimps and namby pambies like John Kerry, Jim Amman, and Pat Tallarita? Roxy Burke wouldn't have given a political enemy the finger in the grocery store. Neither would Mary Lou Strom. One of the posters is right that they were classy people from an age when Enfield was considered a classy town.

Now we're on our way to becoming mini-Manchester: white trash and trashy retail.

What a racket it's been. My friends from other towns laugh when I tell them that the mayor got his office because his mother ran the local senior center. They guffaw even harder when I say he maintained his office by tossing senior social service pork on the ballot. What a bunch of dupes! That whole bond issue so smacked of pork, and now we're gonna be paying debt through the nose with these stupid tax increases.

Quite frankly, I don't need a senior center to keep me entertained and don't think the town should be in the business of entertaining bored retirees. Also, I don't understand why seniors need their own "center" separate from everyone else. It's just another ploy to build the social service empire. That must be why Tallarita and Mangini love it. The energy costs and debt on that thing have got to be just tremendous. It's Enfield's Nightmare on Elm Street. I guess it's a monument to Mayor Tallarita's largesse: make mommy happy and buy senior votes. A white elephant would probably make a better monument than that hideous hacienda, but I suppose the republicans wouldn't be too keen on the elephant idea. What an ugly building; I drive by there and wonder where's the Taco Bell?

What I can't believe is that my party leadership thinks that David Kiner's supposed to be the next messiah with his senior tax freeze plan.
I'm sorry but sleazy politicians promising pie in the sky are a dime a dozen. Like Bob Casey Jr., David Kiner is a shadow of his father's greatness and doesn't know what the hell he's doing.

That kid acts like he can buy us off with promises of a gimmick tax cut. Does he think I was born yesterday? It makes me wonder if he ever took an economics class in college. First, a "tax-freeze" won't result in a tax cut. The revaluations have already done their damage and are gonna be sticking around for the next five years. I'm pissed because if Kiner gets his way, property values are gonna plummet like no tomorrow. It'll make the this forclosure s%&# look like nothing. Supposedly Kiner wants to institute the tax freeze AND increase education spending. What planet is he living on? This gimmick means that everyone else's taxes go up even more! If Kiner's head were screwed onto his shoulders, he'd know that higher taxes means lower property values. It's a simple ratio of operational cost to capital cost. In order to balance an increase in operational cost, capital cost must decrease. It's that simple. Think about how the cost of the boat cars went down as the price of gas went up. No one wanted to buy them because they guzzled gas. I knew that; I drove a '72 Crown Vic and ended up having to sell it for less than blue book because of how gas went up.

I wasn't born yesterday and know that my house is the most valuable thing I have. When I bought it from Ledger Starr, I paid $20,000. You can't find anything for that these days!

Say that Kiner's genius tax freeze and spending increase results in an average $2000 tax increase for Enfield residents. If most mortgage terms are 15 years or 30 years, I may have to take a $30-60,000 loss when I sell the place, if this stupid tax freeze goes in. If the housing market gets softer, it could be even more than that. I'm not going to devalue my legacy to my heirs.

Maybe David Kiner doesn't get it. My grandkids have fled Connecticut because they can't get the American dream here. They can't afford to buy houses. If so many of them have left, who's going to buy the houses? The illegal immigrants?

Meanwhile, he lives fat on his state salary and $3 drug co-pays, while ordinary Joes like me find keep having to choose between buying our drugs and putting gas in the car to see the doctor. It's because of leeches like Kiner that property values are so inflated. Why does the Legislature's Education Committee need a "sessional clerk"? Why does the legislature need an education committee? Isn't that stuff better figured out by local boards of education than political hacks in Hartford? Meanwhile, everyone who can has fled CT, we've lost seats in Congress, and old-timers like myself are choking to death on taxes that just go to fund the salaries of hacks like David Kiner.

The democrats need to find the courage to stand up to the special interests, because the spending can't continue.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mangini the one who went to Washington D.C., lobbying for funds for Enfield from Rep Courtney, and asking him for millions for the boarded-up Strand Theatre? As if Enfield doesn't have more important issues to tackle then the old Strand Theatre.

Enfield has 2 high schools, a junior high and a community college, all with perfectly good stages and sound systems for interested community theatre groups. Why, there's probably even enough room in the new Senior Center, and even the older Senior Center for such.

So who in their right mind would go to D.C. to advocate for millions for the Strand? Talk about a personal agenda. How many Enfield residents wish to use their tax dollars on the Strand? Its been voted down how many times?

Anonymous said...

The story goes that Mayor Tallarita idolized Roxy. Its why Tallarita
pushed so hard to re-name one of the elementary school in town after Roxy (luckily, the townsfolk were against the Council re-naming schools and other town buildings. And rightly so).

Wanna bet that if given the opportunity, Enfield's mayor would have loved to "name" Enfield's new Senior Center after his mother. Can't ya see it now, the Tallarita Senior Center.

Volunteers aren't suppose to expect or look for anything in return for their hard work. But it certainly appears that some Enfield families believe they're duly entitled. Let's make one thing perfectly clear. "T-ville" stands for Thompsonville. Not for Tallarita-ville.