Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Judge Shit For Brains

Via My Left Nutmeg

Does anyone trust that the state,
having pursued this ridiculous prosecution in the first place,
and the judge, who ruled exculpatory evidence inadmissable during trial,
would have done the right thing had the eyes of the world not been upon
them today and for the past two months?

This judge may not be used to her decisions coming under such scrutiny ...

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  • Remedy proposed at My Left Nutmeg:
    Since we are going into a special session, the legislature should mandate that all judges are randomly tested to determine if shit has invaded their brains.


    Chief Court Administrator/Shit for Brains said...

    I am appalled at the publication of private information about our great cadre of judges in Connecticut.
    Although having shit for brains is recommended, it is NOT a requirement for appointment to the bench.

    Uh,...which judge was sleeping during this trial?

    Anonymous said...

    The more I read the more dismayed I was.

    Bloggers are saying that they have duplicated what happend to Amero's students. They have gone to the same hair style web site and been blasted with uncontrollable porn pop-ups.

    for this a decent woman lost her child, two years of her life and will bear the scars of the trauma of it?

    I am sorry, for something anyone could duplicate in five minutes i believe there is no excuse for the judge or the prosecutor. i wish they could both be made to step down. the only word for what they did to her is abuse. emotional abuse so severe that it probably contributed to the loss of her child.

    i don't think it is enough for them to claim there were computer illiterate. they had something like two years to figure it out.

    I don't think the judge is redeemed by her stupid decision to overturn when she was wrong to begin with.

    and she is on the rules committee, can you believe that?

    let smith and the judge go into private practice and get out of positions of public trust. i am tired of the low standards for public appointments in connecticut