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"This is an opportunity for me and my family
to do something else."

Tallarita Announces He Won't Seek Re-Election

Courant Staff Writer

June 5 2007

ENFIELD -- Mayor Patrick Tallarita has decided to not seek re-election in the fall.

Tallarita, 44, said Monday he wants to spend more time with his family and also plans to seek higher office in the future. He said it's a decision he made a long time ago and waited until this week to announce.

Tallarita, a three-term Democrat on the town council, would not say which higher office he intends to seek but said he felt it would be unfair to the town and the council to get re-elected to one office and then seek another one in the middle of his term.

"This is not something that is coming out of the blue," said Tallarita, who is serving his second term as mayor. "This is something my family and I have known for more than two years."

Tallarita is an at-large council member. The majority party of the council chooses who will be the mayor after the election.

The time required being mayor has resulted in less time with his family than he would like, Tallarita said.

"This is an opportunity for me and my family to do something else," Tallarita said.

His children have also been unhappy because of the extra spotlight recently put on them, Tallarita said. In February, four teens were cited for liquor violations at Tallarita's house, including one of his sons.

Tallarita said he was not influenced by allegations that he is being investigated by the chief state's attorney's office or allegations that he has influenced the decisions of other town boards. He said no official has approached him about any investigation and the other allegations are untrue.

"I have nothing to be ashamed of and I've done nothing wrong," Tallarita said.

Deputy Mayor Kenneth Hilinski said that he's sad to see Tallarita go and that he's done a lot of good work for Enfield. Hilinski said the two did a lot of things together when he was chairman of the board of education and on the council. He cited the merging of the school system's and town's ground crews, and the recent decision to merge the information technology departments.

"I'm going to miss him on the council," Hilinski said.

Tallarita said he is proud of the accomplishments the council has had during his tenure. He is happy about such things as the formation of the town's emergency medical service, the better working relationship with the board of education, the budgets approved by the council, and improvements to the athletic fields at the high schools.

Longtime Councilwoman Cynthia Mangini said she was also saddened by the news and enjoyed working with Tallarita. He is a good leader, she said.

Mangini, a Democrat, said she considers Tallarita to be the brother she never had.

"He's one of my guys," Mangini said.

Scott Kaupin, council minority leader, said Tallarita called him Monday to let him know of his decision. Kaupin said the news was not unexpected.

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    Anonymous said...

    What's he waiting for? Why not step down now as mayor. The town and his family would certainly be better off without anymore of these embarrassing distractions. Don't let the door hit

    Anonymous said...

    > "He's one of my guys," Mangini said.

    That's been the problem from day one of this current administration. It was run by her "guys" like a social club. Perhaps Mangini will do the town and her party a favor and elect not run again. Its time for a clean sweep. And shame on this current council for not putting a halt to things sooner. Many of them saw things, but didn't speak out sooner. The BOE has more guts than many on the council.

    Anonymous said...

    Cindy the BROTHER you never HAD???? He is being investigated why not just say nothing?? WOW I am shocked you said that.

    Anonymous said...

    That off-the-wall comment goes to show how clueless some of these council cronies are. When they should be distancing themselves from such behavior, they opt to throw themselves onto a railroad track for the guy. Wouldn't that be considered political suicide
    by most? Oh well, her political career probably just tanked along with his. Unless of course she's as delusional as the mayor, and thinks she too can hold a higher office somewhere.