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The story goes that Mayor Tallarita idolized Roxy. Its why Tallarita
pushed so hard to re-name one of the elementary school in town after Roxy (luckily, the townsfolk were against the Council re-naming schools and other town buildings. And rightly so).

Wanna bet that if given the opportunity, Enfield's mayor would have loved to "name" Enfield's new Senior Center after his mother. Can't ya see it now, the Tallarita Senior Center.

Volunteers aren't suppose to expect or look for anything in return for their hard work. But it certainly appears that some Enfield families believe they're duly entitled. Let's make one thing perfectly clear. "T-ville" stands for Thompsonville. Not for Tallarita-ville.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you mean, "Wasting away (money) in Tallarita-ville"

Anonymous said...

Did anyone happen to travel down Enfield's Enfield St (Route 5) this Saturday? Had to laugh to myself when it appeared as if every household along Enfield St was having a tag sale. Cars were parked on both sides of the street. People were in their glory. Some made some much needed pocket change, while others found some bargains.

Remember when Mayor T. wanted to charge the good residents of Enfield a fee to hold a tag sale on their property? Thank goodness that ludicrous proposal never got out of committee.