Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Urgent Need ...

... To Restore Integrity
To Town Government ... "

Courant Notes
Bosco Statement

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  • Bosco Tells JI:

    Residents haven't been able to get answers when they contact officials at Town Hall.

    He said that getting "a runaround" from public officials is scaring people off.

    He also said it's time to make officials responsible to residents.
    Bosco described himself as a person who will do what he says he will do.

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    Anonymous said...

    Great glad other people feel the same about some town employees. I hope there are enough votes on the council to vote the tax abatement down for Enfield Federal. All I hear around town is that they haven't hired enough people in Enfield. If that is the case it is the end of the break. Unless of course there are other deals behind the doors going on that we don't know about. Then it is dirty once again.

    Anonymous said...

    Bosco's definitely got my vote. Time for some new blood on Enfield Council.

    Anonymous said...

    Doesn't Bosco live near Weymouth Rd - the road with all the nasty, deep potholes, the one across from the elementary school? Maybe he can get something done before more vehicles end up in area body shoppes.