Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Scares The Crap

Out Of
Guilty People?

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>If Andy the Blogger has anything real

Now isn't that a sad commentary on our Enfield community. That we have to wait for a blogger in Litchfield to alert us to what's wrong in our own community.

This blog had the mayor's ugly Shaw "showdown" incident posted on-line days before the local newspapers picked up on it. How can it be that this blog knows more, and sooner, than the majority of the residents? Who's their pipeline?

"Someone" in Enfield must know ahead of time about some of this stuff being reported in the blogs, but it seems word isn't reaching many of us UNLESS we blog on! The way I see it, if this blog was making up this stuff, it would been shut down by now. The fact that its gaining popularity and was quoted as a source in the JI, means to me that there is definitely "truth" in what is posted. And the truth scares the crap out of guilty people.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe "Andy the Blogger" can find out why Enfield is spending over a million dollars to build a mile long bike path to the Town dump. Talk about another major waste of money. That's gotta be one of the most expensive (as well as one of the shortest) bike paths in the state.
Who's bright idea is this?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the more relevant question is why it's costing a million dollars to build the bike path to the bump. Is this more graft and kickbacks for the public works employees who work half shifts?

Anonymous said...

I would also like to read the local news in the Hartford Courant or JI but no it just is never in there. I to have to log on to the blog to stay up on things. This concerns me because I keep asking myself the question why. The JI USED to be unbiased and tell us everything. Now it just is a fluff paper for Enfield.

Anonymous said...

I can remember a time that the Journal prided itself on scooping the other newspapers, with breaking news (no matter "what" it was about). Maybe after all these years, that paper gotten soft. Too bad, cuz they used to be my 1st choice for local news.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the JI isn't the paper it used to be.

Part of the problem is that their reporters don't attend public meetings (TC, P&Z, Wetlands, BOE). So they don't know what going on in Enfield and don't make the contacts necessary to keep getting scoops.

Anonymous said...

Back when Frank Poirot ran the Enfield Press, it was worth reading. To this day, I believe that his aggressive coverage of Town Hall helped propel Mary Lou Strom & company to power. He brightly shined a light on the incompetence of the democrats in power. They were unbelievably incompotent. They were stupid enough to elect a high school dropout (Scott Vining) to be chairman of the Board of Ed. As they say, the rest is history.

The big issue back then was the stupid Alcorn school issue. Back before senior citizens were "low-tax" voters, they were all about preserving "historic" Alcorn School. The state would have given the town money to build a brand new school. They decided to forego the state money in favor of taxing us to renovate Alcorn school. The thing turned into a construction nightmare because they had to do lead abatement and asbestos removal. The budget was through the roof. The worst part is that the addition is a different color brick than the front of the school, so it looks stupid- red bricks in back and brown bricks in front. Because Alcorn was a multi-floor building, they had to add an elevator to comply with ADA. They would have been better off selling it to a developer, turning it into condos, and building a state of the art school elsewhere in Thompsonville. If they were thinking, they would have used it as an excuse to seize all the drug houses on Lincoln and Pleasant Street by eminent domain.

The most laughable thing was theat they raised a ton of noise about the sign replacement. "How dare the town risk destroying the old Enfield High School sign by putting in a sign saying Alcorn School on it!"