Saturday, June 16, 2007

Who Took

The Call
For Douche Bag?

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  • Posted by: Delta784

    What if it were proven that the office worker was, in fact, a douche bag?

    Posted by: dcs2244

    Douchebag or not, Avery has a right to freely express her opinion. She should not have apologized to school management. I think that "doushebag" is an entirely appropriate description of someone that one views as an "a$$wipe", sh*tstain" or "firetruck -head".

    In any event, I have come to expect this type of behavior from the women and eunuchs that run the government schools.

    Home school. Early and often.

    Posted by: Cinderella


    Posted by: SOT

    I think the principle is a douche bag...or could very well be a scum bag....

    Thank god that guy isn't in charge of voting rules for the rest of the country.

    I just called and said: I want to speak with the douche bag who banned that girl from the election. They put me through to the I guess the office staff thinks the principle is a douche bag...because they knew who I was talking about.

    Posted by: NewEngland2007

    I can't believe people still say "douche bag."

    Posted by: KozmoKramer

    It started when Doninger, 16, was upset over ongoing scheduling snags with a popular school event called Jamfest.

    Maybe it's the generation gap of my time, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm the only one who believes 16 year old children ought not be rewarded nor exempted for disrespectful behavior and the use of foul language.
    The exorcise of our First Amendment right does not mean our words go entirely without consequence.

    Posted by: Inspector

    You know Koz...I'm with you. Too often people forget that the most effective way to be critical of a situation is to use straight forward appropriate english.

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