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Had a great day. Played 18 and then did the back nine for a second time. Had a cold one and burger at Chicago's (great burger) and came home to log onto Coooool Justisce. And much to my surprise, I see all this new stuff about Enfield. Just kidding about the surprise part.

Ok, now correct me if I’m wrong. Aren’t we paying the Town Manager to be the CEO of the Town? When Scott Shanley was Town Manager, all department heads reported to him. The way the Town should be run. The way any organization should be run. One CEO. So why is it that when Shanley departed (was looking for an appropriate word), the job of public safety officer was broken out of the CEO’s job and give to Bromson? Why pay Bromson for a job that the Town Manager should be performing?

Another question, did Scott Shanley ever run around with a police vest and badge and set up speed traps? Is this what we’re paying Bromson to do?

Forget about raising tax dollars by attracting developers. Let’s keep the developer’s out. I like our Town just the way it is. But we need to take a serious look at the way we’re spending our money. What did it cost to go to court over the Felician Sisters? If our P &Z Commission didn’t act with flagrant disregard for our citizens, the court case would never have happened and the good Sisters would have gone along in peace and the Town would have saved a lot of money. Not to say what it cost the poor Sisters both is money and anxiety. And give the public safety officer job back to the Town Manager where it belongs and save the Town another bundle. And I can go on and on, but you get the idea!

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    Anonymous said...

    >> Aren’t we paying the Town Manager to be the CEO of the Town?

    Would appear that receiving over $100K isn't enough for the current Town Manager. How many CEOs can't pay their mortgage and taxes? I could certainly pay mine on that salary!