Friday, July 20, 2007

Shift In Wind

Toward Rehabilitation
Noted By NL Day Story

Finding Their Inner Angels
Behind Prison Walls

By Julie Wernau
Day Staff Writer
Published on 7/20/2007

East Lyme — Author Wally Lamb quoted Michelangelo, who once said he could see the angel inside each block of marble he carved — until he set her free.

“Take chisel and hammer in hand and free the graceful angel you are from this graceless gray cement that encompasses you,” Lamb told the high school and vocational graduates of York Correctional Institution at Thursday's “celebration of achievement.”

Bonnie Foreshaw, 59, is one of Lamb's angels. For the eight years Lamb has taught a weekly writing workshop at York, Foreshaw has been carving words from a violent history of both sexual and physical abuse. Her story was one of several anthologized in Lamb's book “Couldn't Keep It to Myself.” In September, some of her happier memories of growing up in Miami will be featured in Lamb's second installment, “I'll Fly Away.”

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