Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Student Fears Reach


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I go to school with this girl, and I'm honestly afraid to do anything at that school. The smallest things can get you in trouble there, and it even started before high school. When I was in the middle school at the same school district, I was told that I could be suspended for getting into a physical fight with another student AT HIS HOUSE. I'm not a bad kid, I'm a straight A student, involved in sports, and I feel like im a pretty personable i guess it shows that at least they're not just singling people out. I couldn't understand why I was in danger of getting punished in school for something that happened on my own time somewhere 15 minutes away from school grounds. I'm glad the girl has decided to fight back and sue the school to get her position as secretary back, it's really not fair that these administrators are going into people's houses and punishing them for something that happens within the confines of their own house. God knows I'll probably be EXPELLED for this one...

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