Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunken Garden Alternative Podcast

What will spring up
to fill the void left
by the disappearance
of the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival?

Find out today on the Colin McEnroe show.
4:10 p.m. segment.

Afternoons With Colin McEnroe
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The Afternoon Drive broadcast weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m. from the glittering shores of Lake Salhany, located within the boundaries of the Off-World Colony, a lush and verdant brownfields reclamation site bristling with mutant wildlife.


Elizabeth Thomas
Drive-By Interview;
For New
Wally Lamb Book
Bonnie Foreshaw,
Friends In Enfield,
Iyaba Mandingo ...

Colin McEnroe with Andy Thibault
Detective Andy Thibault joins Colin to talk about having a poetry reading here at the Off World Colony.

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    a rose is a rose said...

    wicked cool interview (you two were funny as well)!

    (even though i am still pissed at a posting colin did a while ago - and i am VERY stubborn and hold grudges, i do try to listen to him as much as i can and read his blog as well. i was unable to listen yesterday. glad you linked to the podcast)