Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wake-Up Note

To Connect
All The Dots

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Moratorium Shenanigans":

Hey, I think all you people are asleep at the wheel and missing the point about CONNECTINC THE DOTS! Have you already forgotten about the Montessori School and the Felician Sisters?

Well, wake up! The players are the same and the underlying reasons are the same! When are people in this Town going to wake up!

Why did DiPace put the hammer down on the Montessori School and the Felician Sisters, because he had the best interest of the Town at heart. The people commenting on that blog knew who's interest he was protecting.

Wake up!

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 4:58 AM


Anonymous said...

You're right on, it's about the Moratorium Shenanigans!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how many people think there is corruption, bribery, dishonesty and forceful influence going on in the town?
Lets take a poll.