Thursday, August 02, 2007

Burlington FOI Response

Lawyer Admits:
Write-In Votes Missing

Fails To Acknowledge
Filing Of Appearance
With Hartford Firm
In Federal Court

[Follow-Up Request
To Be Posted]

Letter To A. Thibault
Re; FOI Request

Atty. Christine Chinni
Chinni & Meuser LLC
30 Avon Meadow Lane
Avon, CT 06001
Phone: 860-677-0255
Fax: 860-677-1792

Re; Your request to the Regional District No. 10 Pursuant to the
Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, Dated August 1, 2007

August 1, 2007

This firm represents the Board of Education for Regional District Number 10 (the "Board") in general matters. The Superintendent of the Region 10 Public Schools has forwarded the above described request to us for a response.

First, the board does not possess any "billing records related to legal work that has been farmed out to the firm Howd & Ludorf and / or [this firm] regarding alleged civil rights violations by [Mrs. Schwartz] and [her] administration against students including Avery Doninger." The Board does not possess a retainer agreement, indemnification clause retainer check or any other check or invoice from either firm regarding any alleged violations of any student's civil rights. Therefore, the Board will not be providing any such documents.

Second, many of the documents described in the third paragraph on your letter, including meeting minutes, memorandums [sic], phone logs and emails between the Board and its counsel are partially or fully exempt from disclosure pursuant to the attorney-client privilege. The Board is entitled to review any such documents and, if necessary, redact all privileged information prior to providing them to you, and the Board will exercise its right to do so. If there are any documents in the Board's possess [my sic, a.t.] which are responsive to this request and which are not fully exempt from disclosure pursuant to the attorney-client privilege, the Board will notify you once the redacted copies of the relevant documents are available.

Third, the Board does not poses [my sic, a.t.] any "copies of the write-in votes for Ms. Doninger" or memos and emails regarding such write-in votes." There are also no documents or memos concerning the "seizure of free speech t-shirts." Accordingly, the board will not be providing any documents in response to these requests.

Finally, both the Board and the Superintendent find the threatening tone of your letter, and the allegation therein that records may have been destroyed, unnecessary, offensive and inappropriate.


Christine L. Chinni

Cc: Paula Schwartz

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