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State Sunshine and Open Records
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Cool Justice and Andy Thibault

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
in Connecticut open records,
Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week

What a treat to find the Cool Justice blog, and its author Andy Thibault.

Andy wrote Law and Justice in Everyday Life in 2002 and in numerous ways has agitated the corridors of power in Connecticut and elsewhere ...

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    Anonymous said...

    >Andy is going to be bestowed with the coveted Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week award but I have to first decide which of his open records projects stands out the most.

    I'd cast a vote for Andy T's ongoing reporting of the Town of Enfield's many tales of woes.

    From their mayor's bully-like tirade in front of children in a local supermarket, to their Town Manager defaulting on his NY mortgage, to some local cronies badgering the good Felician Sisters over an existing parking lot. How many towns have run other reporters out of their towns? That fact alone should count qualify him for something!

    What a bunch up there on the CT border. Without Cool Justice's reporting, betting much of this newsworthy info about Enfield would be swept under the rug(s).