Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Might As Well Burn Your Money On School's Front Lawn

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The tax payers are going to eat it big time. Might as well burn your money on the front lawn of School. While you're at it, take a serious look at home-schooling. Don't fret, it is courageous citizens like Ms. Doninger that remind us that we all have a responsibility to defend our civil liberties and hold those violators accountable no matter what their professional status might be. The tax payers of this town should be proud. Can someone let the Doninger girl know that there might be a promising job opening at the school?

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  • School Board Silent On Douche Bag Defense Costs

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    Aldon Hynes said...

    Would burning money on school property be allowed? It seems like the school would consider it outside of the bounds of freedom of speech.

    How does the line go about freedom of speech doesn't mean you can throw money into a crowded fire?