Thursday, August 30, 2007

Suppression Of Public Records

Prevents Full Discussion
Of Facts Surrounding
The Famous Douchebags Case

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Knowing the facts

Submitted by Aldon Hynes on Thu, 08/30/2007 - 11:15.

Today, I received a comment on my blog post Democracy is Scary entitled, know the facts that I think deserves addressing in a full post.

The commentator asserts that I am not “accurately representing the facts”. The first assertion of the commenter is that “the taxpayers are not paying for the administrators representation”. This is based on an apparent misunderstanding concerning who is paying directly for the lead attorney. The lead attorney, Thomas Gerarde as well as Katherine Rule, both of Howd & Ludorf, are being paid by the insurance company, Massamont Insurance. This does not mean that the taxpayers are off the hook. My understanding is that there is a deductible and may be limits to the amounts that are covered as part of the insurance policy. In addition, there is no way of knowing if this case will cause in increase in the premiums in the coming years. On top of that attorney Christine Chinni is paid by the school board and not by the insurance company. She has been at the hearings everyday, as well as at the Board of Education meeting on Monday evening.

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