Friday, September 07, 2007

"A Good Way To Teach Communism"

Yankee CowGirl

I guess the superintendent and her son
have a lot of free time on their hands.

Students Aren't Allowed Free Speech

Apparently, students are not going to be allowed to exercise their rights anymore, something Avery Doninger is discovering. She was criticising school officials, and yes she did use a derogatory term to describe them which was in poor taste, but what the school did next is over kill.

“As punishment, school officials at the 2,843-student kindergarten through 12 school district covering Burlington and Harwinton prohibited Doninger from running for class secretary for a year, a position she had held since her freshman year. Despite the ruling, Doninger would have won her seat back this year because so many students voted for her as a write-in candidate. The school ignored the write-in support, a decision her supporters claim violated their right of free choice. Students were prohibited from wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “Team Avery.”

Notice that the punishment did not say she could not serve-it said she could not run. The students wrote her in and and the officials ignored that, besides banning the T-shirts. Now why did they need to ban T-shirts other students were wearing? These other students did not write her blog, and this started out as punishment for Avery, and ended up being used against anyone who supported her.

It sure is a good way to teach Communism, isn’t it? It gets even more interesting when we see that the school superintendent instructed her adult son to search for postings made by Ms. Donninger on her own personal blog, on her own free time away from school. I guess the superintendent and her son have a lot of free time on their hands.

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