Sunday, September 09, 2007

March On Washington, Week Of Action Start Saturday

(This is from Bob Morris, Politics in the Zeros, a CT-based blog. Please spread the word about the upcoming week of antiwar protest in D.C.)

Starting this Saturday, there will be a week of antiwar protests and actions in DC with events being organized by multiple coalitions and groups.

There are over 100 transportation centers mobilizing for the September 15 antiwar march in D.C. Buses will be rolling from dozens of cities. You still have time to sign up for a seat. (Here in Connecticut, buses will be leaving Hartford, New Haven, and New London. Full details at

The ANSWER Coalition, who called the protests, is facing $30,000 in fines for putting up antiwar posters in D.C. in what is obvious politically motivated selective prosecution. The fines may well go much higher. ANSWER has filed a lawsuit claiming freedom of speech. Three antiwar organizers were arrested at a completely legal press conference last week for putting up one poster.

Let's all make it to D.C. to protest these outrageous, heavy-handed attempts to stifle legitimate protest. The Petraeus report will be released on Sept. 15, and there will be a full week of action in D.C. organized by multiple groups to protest the war.

Schedule for Sat Sept. 15 - 21

Sat. Sept. 15 - March on Washington and Die-in. The march will be led by Iraq War veterans. The Die-in will be civil disobedience. Lead organizer for march: ANSWER Coalition. Lead organizer for Die-in: Veterans for Peace.

Sun. Sept. 16. National Training Session for the other Days of Action.

Mon. Sept. 17. People's March inside Congress. Lead organizer: Code Pink.

Tue. Sept. 18. Congressional Occupation Day. Lead organizer: Grassroots America.

Wed. Sept. 19. Direct action. Details coming.

Thu. Sept. 20. Veterans lobbying day. Lead organizer: Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Fri. Sept. 21. National Moratorium Day. Actions will take place around the country. Information:

This will be an historic week of protest in D.C. Be there.

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    Anonymous said...

    Isn't an anti-war demonstration old.
    We should be having anti-terrorist
    demonstrations instead.We are so soft here in America. A couple of terrorist attempts and we fall apart. What about the millions of supressed lives who really need us to stand up for them and say no more. Stop being a me thinker and realize bombings, hunger, torture, and sickness are what many live with each day. We should be protesting those who bring on the pain to these people. Our country does have many faults. But, our country has stood up to bring about a quality of life for so many, that the movement is on. After WWII, all countries should have been delligent stopping any terrorism in its tracks. We should have protested in this country to do something to help every time there was a bombing of a night club, train station, airline, war ship, starved people, gased people etc. No one wants to send men and women to potentially lose their lives in a war. Being on the offensive, with all countries who want liberty, and praying to God is our only chance.