Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Disregarding Mama Cocoa Puffs

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>Cocco's mother has been calling people asking them to vote against the party

At his age, he still lets his Mommy do his political biddin'. Unreal.

The only reason the Tats are asking folks to vote against their party is that they're mad the Democrats have finally turned on them. But who could blame the Dems. Who wants to have Mayor Cocoa as a ball &chain around your political ankle.

I'm voting for Enfield's Republican this year - regardless of what Mama Cocoa Puff wants. Has nothin' to do with her, trust me!

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    Anonymous said...

    I hear that the dems don't want to renominate Kathy for state rep. It's because of Pat and Kay's disloyalty- payback for supporting the republicans and payback for the Enfield Fed fiasco. Story has it that if she tries to run again, Kathy will face a primary. It's someone who can raise big $$$ to take her on.

    Anonymous said...

    Please tell me it's true? To get rid of this inept legislator could only be music to Enfield's ears.

    In ten years the best she has done is Chairman of the Interns. That has been extremely helpful to Enfield.

    Please, tell me it' true?