Monday, October 08, 2007

Fire Service Guy Thanks Friends

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>Now about the "good democrats"- why haven't they done more to distance themselves from Tallarita?

You haven't been paying attention. I am with the fire service and we only have 3 friends on the council. The 3 Democrats reached out to some Republicans to help us and I hear they took a big beating for doing it. They stick with us even when the mayor puts up every road block. I won't forget our friends and their friends who helped.

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    Anonymous said...

    We know who they are and we'll support the people who gave it up for us. I hate politicians but I was told by friends at another station 3 council guys took quite a beating for supporting us with EMS and now they will pay for that in this election. The word on the street is the mayor is working against these guys from in his own party to get them to lose the election. The problem I see is if we lose any of the 3 we lose any chance we have at a role in ems. What is good for us and bad for the mayor is Red Edgar has no one running against him. Dougie is one of us so he will win. That makes Peruta the big target.