Sunday, October 14, 2007

Freedom Or Suppression?

School Boards Across The Nation Making Choices

Orient Lodge

Harnessing the power
of engaging Internet technology
in the classroom

In Tuesday’s Hartford Courant, there was an Op-Ed by Melinda French Gates entitled Students Leaving School Unprepared For College, Work. It recited the standard litany of problems. “Students are sitting in classrooms, bored and unchallenged, and are being left unprepared for the future.” Over a million students dropped out of high school last year. Even students with 4.0 GPAs get off to college and find themselves unprepared.

The article suggested that we need to ask many more questions at the presidential debates about education. That might help, but the rubber meets the road in the local communities and we need to add some focus there.

Do you know who is on your school board? Have you spoken with them about educational priorities in your community and how we can achieve them? Have you spoken to the principal at your local high school or the superintendent of your local school district?

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