Monday, October 08, 2007

National Douchebag Competition Unfair

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i normally do not watch saturday night live. i happened to catch part of it this weekend. there was one skit that was about finding the biggest DOUCHEBAG out there. of course it wasn't a fair contest because the BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG was NOT even IN the contest.

and i am NOT in high school so i can say the word douchebag without my civil rights being denied by lewis s mills regional high school AND our court system

just like ms doninger, i didn't mention any names.....

Posted by a rose is a rose to The Cool Justice Report at 2:10 PM

This weekend, not a moment too soon, "Saturday Night Live" presented the 2007 Douchebag Awards (fake-sponsored by Cigar Aficionado magazine, naturally). Have you noticed the rash of the use of the word "douchebag" on T.V. these last couple weeks? On "30 Rock" and even on "Bionic Woman"? It'll be the official word of the fall season, once it makes its way to "Kid Nation" and "Meerkat Manor."

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