Monday, October 15, 2007

Orient Lodge Live Blogging Of Free Speech Party

Poets and Writers for Avery, first recap

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Submitted by Aldon Hynes on Sun, 10/14/2007 - 14:09.

After Young Vick started off the music, Andy Thibault got up and welcomed people and then introduced Avery. They both spoke briefly and Jon Schoenhorn talked a little bit about the current state of the trial. He encouraged us to come down to the arguments in the Second Circuit which are expected to be heard in December of January. I hope I will be able to attend.

Franz Douskey started off reading a great essay about using the word 'douchebag' on the playgrounds of his childhood. It is a word that was bound to start a fight. Franz was followed by Amy Ma, a great young poet who has been learning about blogs and is studying to become a teacher. She read one of her poems. Rand Cooper ended off this section talking more about our dynamic relationship with the words we create and how those words recreate us.

The band adrenaline followed this with an accoustic set. People milled about, drank drinks, ate Hors d'oeuvres and talked. Audrey Blondin showed up and spoke for a while with Jon Schoenhorn. The media mobbed Avery as we took pictures and others of us took pictures of the media photographing Avery. I thought, this is how you treat students that write derogatory criticisms of school administrators online.

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