Thursday, November 29, 2007

Authentic Connecticut Republican Shout-Out To Brickload

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Dear Ms. Brickley;Apparently unable to navigate the net well enough to complain to the correct "offender" I thought I would respond to your bigoted complaints about my blog that you made via Andy Thibault's site. For starters; Authentic Connecticut Republican is not normally an attack site; but we're not above it as you're undoubtedly aware. Authentic Connecticut Republican The posting you seem to take issue with is in fact perfect. However it does not as you suggest identify the otherwise attractive blonde as Ms. Kuhne. I did witness her as she ran roughshod over the both the US Constitution's 1st Amendment, the Connecticut Constitution's 3rd; as well as RIULPA (`Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act') Not to mention a religious group that has a 5000 year history of persecution. Whats with Litchfield? Somehow, a literal outright attack against the Jews has failed to bother you; which begs the question as to just what sort of person you are. Anti-Semitism is most unbecoming; but it is your right as an American I suppose. Never mind that in fact it's widely thought by others involved in land-use issues that the most logical method by which to not run afoul of the law, not to mention the rights of others, is to simply leave all religious orders alone. The Litchfield Historical Commission will be found in federal court to have had no legal standing to even hold a hearing in this case and had the chair done her job she would've been well aware of that. Instead she has chosen to make Litchfield the subject of scorn at worst, a laughingstock at best, on websites from coast to coast. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the law - and note the key words; "compelling governmental interest;" and then try to figure out just what that might be in the case of the Synagogue. RLUIPAIn closing - here's a little advice; if you don't want to see it all over the internet, don't let it happen.-ACR

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