Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Praise And Hope For New Enfield Mayor

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Calling Google Maps: Where's Ecology Road In Enfie...":

Wow, Enfield's newly elected Mayor is not only checking out Andy's blog, but he's participating as "himself". That's certainly a refreshing change. Maybe things are really looking up for Enfield. Fingers crossed.

Go get'em Mayor Scott!

>Scott Kaupin said...
>This is the first that I have
>heard about "Ecology Drive", and >I have asked some questions.

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  • Calling Google Maps: Where's Ecology Road In Enfield?


    Anonymous said...

    Word on Enfield streets is that Mayor Scott Kaupin is the "real deal". That he would never make a mockery of the Enfield's Mayor position (unlike the previous "holder").

    So, wouldn't be too surprised to see Scott a regularly contributor to this blog, with his worthwhile comments and genuine concern for
    the Enfield residents.

    Its a nice start to what is hopefully a very long "mayor-hood" for Scott.

    Anonymous said...

    OK, every new candidate deserve a "honeymoon" period. But let's keep it brief cuz there's lots to do in Enfield. 1st up, let's re-examine those ungawdly property assessments. I'm betting my house isn't worth as much as last year (let alone in 2006), and its unlikely my next tax bill will reflect that fact. Every Enfield home owner should file an appeal.