Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thoughtful Pitch For Dodd Prez Bid


Why I support Senator Dodd

Sun, 2007-11-11 16:27 — lonseidman Many people ask me who I'm supporting for President. They're often surprised when they don't hear me supporting Hillary or Barack, or even John Edwards who I helped a little bit with in 2004. My candidate, who is also my Senator, is Chris Dodd.

This support is not obligatory because I'm an active part of the Connecticut Democratic Party. It's because I've known Senator Dodd long enough to know what he stands for, the issues that drive his public service, and his experience in federal office that far exceeds any other candidate in the race. I should know - he's represented me for as long as I've been alive - first as my Congressman from Connecticut's Second Congressional district, followed by his election as one of two Connecticut Senators in 1981.

So for your consideration I offer two videos to learn a little more about this outstanding candidate for President of the United States. Watch with an open mind. Ignore the poll results, ignore the Barack and Hillary show on the news outlets, and instead focus on what is best for America.

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