Friday, December 28, 2007

Cocoa Puffs Looking At "Higher Office?"

No Confirmation Or Denial
From Town Chair Weseliza,
Who Would Be Ousted
By A Tallarita Insurgency

The Cool Justice Report
Dec. 28, 2007

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story is available for reprint courtesy of The Cool Justice Report,

Enfield Democratic Town Chairwoman Karen Weseliza is expected to bow out gracefully as Cocoa Puffs, aka former Mayor Patrick Tallarita, lines up caucus votes to take over the helm of the local party.

"She will back off -- she's like a puppet for him," a long-time town committee member told The Cool Justice Report.

"I'm not going to talk about it," was all Wesliza would say when asked about who might be jockeying for votes in next month's party caucus.

Close associates of Tallarita have been lobbying Democratic Party voters in recent weeks to line up support for Cocoa Puffs' bid to become town chairman.

The Cool Justice Report interviewed half a dozen active Enfield Democrats and several other sources upon receiving a tip. Among those said to be working on Cocoa Puffs' behalf: Cocoa Puffs' sister, State Rep. Kathy Tallarita; and his business partner, Dave Fredrick, aka Dave Frederick.

"I've heard from several sources that Pat wants to overthrow Karen Weseliza and install himself as town chairman," a local political observer said. " … There is jockeying going on there for sure. From what I gather some of the more independent-minded Democrats -- [Brian] Peruta, [Doug] Maxellon, [Red] Edgar -- regard this as a rather scary prospect. You can bet that Pat taking over will be all about settling scores."

Tallarita's local district slate includes friends, relatives and at least a couple teen-age candidates for the town committee. Party members said they would be reviewing eligibility rules to run for town committee positions and checking to see whether all candidates were registered voters.

"I don't know what his [Cocoa Puffs] motives are, but I'm sure there are some," a town committee member said. "It will be the next stop for him."

Missing from the proposed slate, sources said, is long-time committee member and former Mayor Adam Pierz.

"I'm really sorry they knocked him off," a town committee member said. "He's an icon."

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    Anonymous said...

    Given all the stories about Enfield corruption, this video seems rather appropriate, "The Sopranos of Enfield":

    What is so funny is its randomness. It is clearly an amateur video made by a kid as a joke. The date is over a year ago. But it takes on new significance with the corruption of Tallarita and Tony the Bush.

    Anonymous said...

    The Democratic Party would be insane to select Tallarita as their Chairman. First off, it was his antics that helped lead to their defeat this past November. If they do not realize this, then they are totally in denial. Tallarita is no "Dudley Dooright" coming to "save the day". Secondly, a Party Chairman needs to do some work to be successful, and Tallarita has no follow through what so ever. The town folks witnessed that over the four years he was Mayor. The Republicans must be jumping for joy over this bit of news. The Democrats need to do a bit of house cleaning themselves. Tallarita should be in the dust pan and not the one pushing the broom. How sad if this comes true.

    Anonymous said...

    I can't imagine any citizen in the Town of Enfield would choose to have Pat Tallarita involved in any form of Town government at all. He has proven repeatedly, he uses his friends and community to rise and gain for his personal agendas and displayed cowardly approaches and reaction with neighbors, friends and political peers. Pat T. hasn't the integrity to maintain any further town appointments or positions. He will constantly be under watchful eyes and ears. If he was 1/2 the man he thinks he is, he'd bow out gracefully! Oh it's PAT we're talking about, he's beyond reproach! Mr. Untouchable, do no wrong!

    Anonymous said...

    Those with whom Cocoa may settle scores shouldn't be looking for Mr. Puffs. He never gets his own hands dirty. How would that look as a politician aspiring to a higher office.